Established in 2007, until now, Lancaster Ho Chi Minh is still mentioned as a symbol of luxury and high level not only location but also architecture with the most advanced utilities and services.

Each living space is meticulously cared for to high-class health care services including modern sauna, hot and cold jacuzzi, multi-purpose gym are exclusive privileges for residents and guests live in here


Daily health and fitness training for residents of all ages.


Relax with excellent Spa services, including Jacuzzi pool, steam room, sauna.

Convenience Store

Service 24/7 on the ground floor of the building

Local utilities

The interior of the building also has other utinities to serve the demand of shopping – dining – health care for residents and guests with 7-eleven convenience store, Lotus polyclinic operated Japanese staff, Qui lounge carry unique dining experience with high quality food and drinks

24/7 reception

Professional staff, enthusiastic, fluent in Japanese.

Housekeeping Service

The Japanese’s style tidy the house.

Japanese Channel Television

Modern TVs are connected with more than 82 Japanese channels, Satisfy the demand of relaxation and comfortable life for residents.


Periodic laundry service at the request of residents.

Breakfast in the room

A comfortable and nutritious breakfast with Japanese cuisine gives you a new day full of energy.

Meeting room for rent

Modern equipment and supported set up by skilled team.


Experience the culture and culinary quintessence of Vietnam through tours recommended by the Lancaster Management team.


Modern car parking, large capacity and absolute security.

Nearby utilities

Most of the famous destinations, commercial centers, famous restaurants and other diverse services are concentrated on the expensive Le Thanh Ton street with a radius of less than 3km from Lancaster Ho Chi Minh. . It takes less than 5 minutes to move, all residents and guests staying at the building can easily access high-class and famous services in the city that is known as the most vibrant and sleepless city in Vietnam.