Trung Thuy Group was established in 1995, specialize in Real estate, High-tech agriculture, Commercial services, Tourism, Essential investment and development of high-class apartment projects, Trung Thuy Group become one of leading real estate brands in VietNam

Pioneering in unique and smart designs, Trung Thuy Group always to effort to create living spaces full of art and qualities insurance, improving life and maintaining sustainable values for the next generation

All products begin and win up by customer’s satisfaction

Professional in management and operation leasing

Lancaster Ho Chi Minh is operated by the leading luxury apartment management brand – Lancaster Management.

Customer wouldn’t waste time to manage, the profession of Lancaster Management in leasing and take care of apartments process will be maintaining sustainable values and increase profit by the time

Over 10 years of experience, Lancaster Management has created a network of tenants in the nation and worldwide. Especially, trusted by professors from famous corporations like Honda, Panasonic, Canon,… beginning a huge potential for investment customers

Home services

By providing laundry and room services to improve your life.